The World’s Longest Non-Stop Flight set to Depart from Singapore

Singapore Airlines launches world’s longest non-stop commercial flight - SIA A350-900ULR.

No more delay now! The longest commercial flight of the world has left Singapore for New York on Thursday. It is expected to cover the distance of more than 15,000 kilometers in almost 19 hours.

Singapore Airlines is re-launching the service after five years. A spokeswoman for Singapore Airlines stated to BBC news that Fight SQ22 has departed with one hundred and sixty-one and seventeen crew at around 15:35GMT.


Credits: Wellington Airport


According to Singapore Airlines, there was high demand for these non-stop services by customers. The business class seats were completely booked for the flight. The passengers entitling this ticket will get two meals and refreshments in between with a choice to choose the serving time. They will also provide with a bed to sleep. The airline also told that a limited number of premium economy seats were left. These travelers will get three meals at fixed times with refreshments in between.

Source: BBC UK

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