Michael Crumling, a 29-year-old gunsmith, reportedly showed off a magnificent collection of lead bullets in his messy garage workshop that he crafted on his own from scratch.

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Millions of weapon connoisseurs across the country like Mr Crumling cast their bullets and even reload their ammunition, all by themselves. They craft the shells from scratch which is a very time-consuming hobby, but this has always been a significant part of the culture related to firearms for generations.

There is something else that Mr Crumling has created, and this distinguishes him from the rest of his peers. Crumling came up with a potential solution to an everlasting problem which has put the creators of 3-D printed guns in Dilemma: creating a specialised bullet which will not ruin the firearms made up of plastic.

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Unfortunately, Mr Crumling revealed that he has got no plans from sell or producing the designer round of bullets to the mass given that this specialised bullet is the next big thing in creating more reliable printable guns and the next venture in the ongoing regulatory fight over the weapons made at home.

In the middle of the national debate, the access of guns and bullet shells has been brought in by legislative. Government is trying to regulate the unrestricted access of bullets and shells. As far as the enthusiasts are concerned, they have built an online D.I.Y. community of their own where they can carry on with the trade, discussions and also upload the “how to” YouTube videos. The members of the forum also discuss the on-going legal challenges and practices.

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Source: nytimes

The D.I.Y. gunsmiths are extraordinarily zealous and passionate towards crafting their bullets, and this led them to create and be a part of an equally fervid online community. Out of 43 million hunters which also includes the sharpshooters, five million of these gun enthusiasts make their shells and bullets.

The reason for creating homemade customised bullets is that the D.I.Y. enthusiasts can customise the ammunition for heightened lethality and accuracy.