The World Is Getting A Better Place To Live With Every Passing Second- Charts Show!


    The Americans are feeling like these are the worst times of their lives. A scandal-plagued President who does everything for himself, and not for the citizens. The overt and old-fashioned racism is back again and more than 200 popular and admired men are being accused of sexual misconduct or assault.

    We can’t just run away from this fact. And these facts, these stories make us think with every passing second the world is getting worse and worse. But here’s a news which would make you look the world in a bit more optimistic way.

    Some of the major aspects on Earth is getting dramatically better. The life expectancy has increased in poor countries and the extreme poverty radar has fallen by half. But why are we unaware of these things?

    The only reason is this unavoidable and unpleasant negative environment we have around us. We, humans, have a natural tendency to look at the darker side of the things. Bad news often gets more views than the good ones. People can’t hold on their positive and happy experiences and at the same time are unable to let go the negative experiences. The recent survey also revealed that only a minor percent of the people in rich countries have a clue that the world has actually gotten better in the recent decade. Talking about numbers, a poll was taken in 2016, which revealed that only 8% of the US residents knew that global poverty has fallen since 1996.

    Let’s just quickly cover up all the major advancements which have come up in recent years.

    1. The Global Economic Poverty (World Population Living under $1.90 a day) has fallen from 35% in 1987 to under 11% in 2013.

    2. Just have a look at the map and you will have an idea of how the Hunger has fallen across the years.

    Source- International Food Policy Research Institute

    3. There has been a 40% reduction in Child Labor Force from 2000.

    4. The total income spent on food is reduced. This is a result of the availability of food at a cheaper and subsidized rate.

    5. Life Expectancy Rate has increased, Child Mortality Rate has fallen, death in childbirth is almost rare now.

    6. Prevention from Malaria, Guinea worm is now accessible to most of the people.

    7. Teen births are down, the smoking level is down.

    Source- Gallup

    8. Homicide rates are down, violent crimes are down.

    9. The supply of nuclear weapons has been drastically down.

    Source- Federation of American Scientists

    10. More people in the world live under democracy now.

    11. The literacy rate is increasing exponentially over the years.

    These 11 are just the major indicators that the world, with every passing second, is getting a better place to live. Even the world is now asking us to be optimistic.


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