The Winds of Winter Release Date Update George RR Martin hints TWOW will Finish before Deadline

The Winds of Winter release date is awaited by the fans ever since 2012 when George RR Martin started working on the book. The fifth book in “A Song of Ice and Fire” series came out in 2011 and the sixth book “TWOW” has still not been published. Fans have started to worry that George have given up on the book and it will never be completed.

GRRM keeps making promises and giving deadlines, but there are no solid updates on Winds of Winter release. Ever since the Coronavirus pandemic has surfaced, Martin went under self-isolation and is giving hints that “The Winds of Winter” will be finished soon before the deadline.

George RR Martin’s Promise for 2020 Book Launch

George RR Martin's Promise for 2020 Book Launch 

George RR Martin himself admits that he has been very slow in writing the Winds of Winter because the would have come out way before. The author has been procrastinating, doing other projects and video games, which is why the book is yet not complete.

The latest deadline given by George was July 2020 during the Worldcon in New Zealand, where he promised to bring a copy of Winds of Winter in his hands. GRRM said that if he has not finished the book by then, fans can imprison him in a small cabin over the Sulfuric Lake until “The Winds of Winter” is finished.

Latest Updates from GRRM after Coronavirus Lockdown

The Winds of Winter can’t come out at the Worldcon in New Zealand this year as the event itself has been canceled due to Coronavirus outbreak all over the world. The entire world is under lockdown and George RR Martin is 71 years old is smart enough and has also gone under self-isolation.

The fantasy author recently shared an update on his blog to talk with his fans. Martin wrote that he is still up in the mountains, following the social distancing guidelines and writing Winds of Winter. It is the only silver lining in the COVID-19 pandemic as George is making steady progress and TWOW can come out before the deadline.

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