The Winds of Winter release date

The Winds of Winter has finally received the buzz it needed. George R.R.Martin, on the other hand, has been quite secretive about it. Fans have been waiting for almost 8 years for this series to launch. But, Martin has been quiet even in the midst of such popular demand.

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The Winds of Winter has been so long over its due date that fans have started to believe that it might not even release anymore. There were many speculations about the reasons behind it. There were reports about Martin’s age slowing him down and what not. But, there are optimistic fans all over and they believed in him.

The Winds of Winter: George R R Martin

Will The Winds of Winter ever release?

And the good news has finally arrived. GRRM has recently announced that he is still writing The Winds of Winter. Mind you, the sixth part of the A Song of Ice and Fire series is yet to be launched. And Martin still hasn’t  announced a release date. Nevertheless, he at least gave the fans some hope about the launch of the TWOW books.

Characters in the books

Martin even said that the book is going really good till now. And he revealed a bonus point and said,

[blockquote footer=””]“Lady Stoneheart’s perspective would also be included in the sixth book,” [/blockquote]

he said that it is a crucial thread in the book he is writing now. But, his aren’t normal sized novels.

[blockquote footer=””]“There are some hard choices sometimes and it goes on according to the business,”[/blockquote]

Martin said.

The Winds of Winter: Sixth book to launch soon

What will be the ending of the A Song of Ice and Fire series?

He also teased the fans by refusing to reveal if the show Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire will have the same ending. He encouraged fans to watch the show and read the books too. GRRM had previously announced that a few plot lines of the book will not match with the plot lines of the show. Let’s take the example of Jon Snow. Jon Snow resurrects Melisandre at the end of season 5.

The Winds of Winter: George R R Martin to release sixth book soon

No launch date has been revealed about The Winds of Winter. But, since Martin has revealed that he is working on it, we can expect it to be in the bookstores in the immediate future.