the mixed reality warning explains the danger of a disaster.

The Weather Channel is making mixed reality warnings that are scary and they have reasons to back up these videos. These are really informative and important for the viewers to watch. But why?

Ice-blocks being dropped from high altitudes and shatter in the ground. Vehicles getting slipped all through. These are some of the examples of how can an ice-storm become a danger for you.

Why did Mixed Reality Warnings start?

The mixed reality warning strategy started amid of Hurricane Florence. This campaign which has now reached the ice-storm mark and contains many other warnings too.

The collection contains wild fires, tornadoes, lightning, etc. According to Micheal Chesterfield, the director says,

Our team is concerned in producing an effect that could be the reality. We explain the formation of ice and what then leads to ice-storms. Then we conclude by conveying the danger of it.

How is the Mixed Reality Warning created

Chesterfield is heading a group of graphic designers, weather producers and engineers who focus on conveying the weather through stories. This gives the team new ability to showcase the danger to the public even before the disaster took place.

But in order to showcase that event, the disaster needs to happen. They manage that with the help of graphics. It depicts the real situation and mimics what worst will happen in future. This is how the mixed reality warning work.

The recent ice-storm experience is one of best work of Immersive Mixed Reality segment so far. The team makes use of large green screen studio to record the actors. Then tech used in gaming sequence development is used to make that into reality.

They use Unreal Engine which is a high-end gaming graphics engine. It enables the team to produce such realistic videos as mixed reality warning.

How is this aired on television? They have a partner team The Future Group. They provide them with the ‘Frontier Tool’. The work of this tool is to decipher the graphics and air it to the television.

Making of Mixed Reality Warning

The camera technology that is incorporated is Mo-sys. It tracks the graphics and the object combine them and put them in synchronization. Meaning, as the camera moves the whole environment moves accordingly.

This makes the whole direction into a real life experience. The Broadcasting Technician, works on combining the graphics, the video and this allows everything recorded to be presented on television.

This whole procedure is similar to story telling or producing a small movie.

Source: The Verge, YouTube

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