Norman Reedus who plays the role of Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead explained why he doesn’t want to leave the show.

Norman Reedus has a huge fan following and the fans were happy to see him survive through The Walking Dead Season 9. His head is not on the spike yet. After the departure of Andrew Lincoln and imminent exit of Danai Gurira, Reedus became one of the main characters on the show.

Reedus revealed that he doesn’t want to leave The Walking Dead and he has been on the show for a long time now.

The Walking Dead Season 10 Daryl Dixon
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In a recent interview, Reedus said,

I don’t want to go anywhere. I’ll burn down that whole studio if they got rid of me.

However, he added that it is very uncertain when his time will come. He said that he is not sure how things will turn out for him. He didn’t reveal much as he didn’t want to give any hints about the future.

After the arrival of the most dangerous villains The Whisperers, many characters have been slewed already.

Season nine saw the death of Jesus (Tom Payne) and then Alpha (Samantha Morton) killed ten characters to send a message to the survivors.

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Reedus feels that after seeing so many characters leave the show, it’s a bummer for him now. He added,

Their ghosts are always with me. It’s a very heavy thing to take with you.

The show will be back with The Walking Dead Season 10 later this year. The only original cast members will be Melissa McBride and Reedus. The fans may even get to see Maggie Rhee in the next season.