The Voice 2020: Top 17 Performances, who survives the 4-way knockout

Currently, the world is battling with coronavirus pandemic & thus, to maintain social distancing, all are following strict lockdown rules. But, as the famous tag line says, “The show must go on”, people have found ways to keep themselves entertained. Also, the famous show, The Voice 2020 has switched to the web for this season because of the ongoing pandemic.

In the previous seasons of The Voice, the contestants used to perform live in the front of the audience. But unlike previous seasons, this season, contestants would pre-record their performance with the setup and equipment that The Voice 2020 producers have sent to them. Also, check-ins with coaches will be conducted through video chats. Although, we might be a bit doubtful about the new format of the show, at the same time viewers will get an intimate glimpse of the contestants’ life. And they will also get a sneak peek into the coaches’ houses.

Performances from The Voice

Following the Monday night, Americans will get to vote for their favorite contestants. And only nine contestants will move further in the competition. And we’ll get to know who stays and who leaves in Tuesday’s live show. But according to our prediction, the following nine contestants will proceed further in the competition:

Team Blake

  1. Joei Fulco
  2. Toneisha Harris
  3. Todd Tilghman

Team Kelly

  1. Micah Iverson
  2. Megan Danielle

Team Legend

  1. CammWess
  2. Mandi Castillo

Team Nick

  1. Aeri Moon
  2. Thunderstorm Artis

The Voice 2020: Contestants

The audience can vote for their favorites after Monday’s show on The Voice app and also online. Thus, this way the users will get to see something unique and also entertaining to cope up with the ongoing stress. We would recommend all do watch this show. Believe us, you’ll find it really interesting!

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