The user data of Facebook is around ten cents annually

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According to Mark Zuckerberg, the user data might be 10 cents for a year. Back in the year 2012, the CEO of Facebook has suggested that the company reportedly charges the developers around 10 cents annually for accessing the friend list along with many other personal data of the users.

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This revelation surfaced after a message was released on Wednesday by the British Parliament which is reportedly a part of a significant cache of internal documents of the social media giant. Back then, Zuckerberg was discussing numerous way by virtue of which the social media platform could profit from its so-called business platform.

The business platform can allow the programmers for utilizing the data from Facebook and then build the features of Facebook into their apps. Zuckerberg wrote in the email that he is thinking to develop a business model during those days and upon making this happen will make him get a lot of revenue in a lot of ways.

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He continued the email by saying that the possible model can be utilized by the developers and furthermore can be structured in a way that logging in into the social media giant will always be free. This also makes pushing the content forward free as well. Zuckerberg said in the email that reading anything which also includes the friends’ list requires a hefty sum of money.

Developers can easily pay anything for those costs directly to the social media giant. Zuckerberg also emailed about a scheme where they could quickly cover these costs simply by just buying ads on Facebook, or by merely using it as a payment method or even run ads from Facebook or by selling those items in their stores.

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Since the last couple of years, Facebook has been gaining a lot of backlashes. Most importantly, in the last six months ever since the news has broken out due to the data which was leaked by Cambridge Analytica.

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