The Department of Justice in the U.S. has unraveled an indictment on Thursday against two companies that are based in Taiwan and China along with three individuals on Thursday. The Justice Department said that these organisations and individuals have conspired for stealing the trade secrets related to the research and the developed memory storage devices of Micron Technology Inc, a semiconductor company in the U.S.

Source: reuters

The charges are filed against United Microelectronics Corp based in Hsinchu, Taiwan and Fujian Jinhua Integrated Circuit Co Ltd based in China along with three individuals who have once worked for one of Micron’s units. This was marked as the fourth case that was brought into light by the U.S. Justice Department since September 2018 as a component of a broader crackdown against the alleged espionage by the Chinese on U.S. companies.


The action taken by the Department of Justice is a brand new initiate taken to counter as the administration of Trump calls it China’s cheating via the intellectual theft of property, unlawful corporate endowment as well as the rules that hamper the corporations based in the U.S. that wants to sell off their good and services in China.

Source: reuters

David Bowdich, the deputy director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, stated that around each of the field offices of FBI from the 56 field offices have conducted investigations based on economic espionage that traces back to the Chinese.

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Jeff Session, Attorney General of the U.S., has revealed in a news conference, the espionage by the Chinese is increasing at a staggering rate, and due to this, the government has made plans to launch a new initiative with a goal of cracking down the espionage trade cases of the Chinese.

Source: reuters

China, on the other hand, told the United States on Friday that the US must present shreds of evidence to make the charges legitimate and valid.