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The UN says for the fourth time in 30 years that we only have 10 years to save the planet


    History seems to be repeating itself, although in a different way here. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has reportedly claimed that inhabitants of the earth have around 10 years to protect the planet from a disaster that will be difficult to reverse. For the record this is the fourth time that the UN Panel has made this claim over a period of 30 years.

    The IPCC made a similar claim in 1985 in Sacramento, California and the same claim has been rehashed and presented this week on ABC. Michael Oppenheimer, an apparently reputed and respected climate scientist expert warned that there was only 20 years for the people of the earth to rescue the planet from total destruction. The claim was that if proper measures were not put in place to stop the climate change, then it would be difficult to even recognize the world. And this was supported by the usual evidence with a long list of possible incidents, beginning from sea levels that were expected to rise by inches, ice caps and glaciers that would have melted completely, sinking Florida and New York City. The claims went on to say that New York would turn into a desert and would become uninhabitable. The doomsday prediction went on to ad that pollution would envelop the world to an extent that everyone would simply die.

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    The scientist was asked if the findings were established, and he went on to say that though it was not, it had to b acted upon immediately. He felt that it was wrong to take chances and that actions needed to be initiated immediately. As per his claims the actions that were recommended were the raising of taxes, putting an end to the operations of companies involved in fossil fuels, and setting up wind farms.

    And speaking of wind farms there is a related story about how establishing wind farms would require more land than previously imagined. The reports that were published in the prestigious Environmental Research Letters journal, were conducted by Harvard University researchers who determined that it would take anywhere close to 20 times more land than was previously imagined for establishing wind farms.

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    These claims have been spread on and off. In 1985 the claim was that we had 20 years to deal with it. Algore went on to say that we had 10 years to bring about drastic changes. And Ted Danson adds to the list with his reported assertion in 1988 that the world had only 10 years to clean up the oceans. Around ten years after that another set of environmental activists claimed that we had only ten years.  As far as the environmentalists are concerned, it was ten years, because in all probability they were not aware they everyone had heard of the earlier assertions of environmentalists before them who said that we only had 10 years.  The reports are basically a rehash of earlier reports with just the extension of 10 years added.

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    Source: www.nytimes.com

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