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The Society Season 1: Netflix drops its latest teen drama

    The Society Netflix

    The Society Season 1 has just been released on Netflix with ten episodes. Created by Christopher Keyser of “Party of Five” fame, the teen drama has been dubbed as a modern-day take on the “Lord of the Flies”.

    Plot of The Society Season 1

    Before you read ahead, be forewarned that there may be MILD SPOILERS ahead. The show is set in a fictional Connecticut suburb, West Ham. It starts off with a group of students, all aged 16 and older, leaving for a retreat to the Smokey Mountains.

    The town has been experiencing some strange unexplained phenomenon – a horrible smell emanating from the ground, as well as biblical graffiti on the walls. The trip gets cancelled abruptly because of a rock slide.

    By the time the teens return to the town, though, everyone is gone Smell and graffiti included.

    This is when they discover that the town they are in is not the same. But it is a replica of their old town. There is no escape either – all highways being blocked off by endless miles of forest and zero contact with the outside world. And now, the teens must figure out how to continue civilisation with no adults around.

    The Society Netflix

    Cast of The Society

    The Society cast is full of plenty of recognisable faces and up-and-coming actors. The most recognisable face in the cast is Kathryn Newton who last starred in Detective Pikachu.

    Newton plays Allie, the younger sister of the class president, played by Rachel Keller of “Legion” fame. Other notable members of the cast include Jacques Colimon (Sweet Old World), Alex Fitzalan (Slender Man), Kristine Froseth (Sierra Burgess Is a Loser) and Toby Wallace (Dark Frontier) who plays the show’s antagonist.

    The Society Netflix

    Reviews so far

    The critical reaction has so far been mixed. At the time of publication, the show stood at 69% freshness rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and a metascore of 68 on Metacritic.

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