Amidst this once in a lifetime situation, everyone has moments where they utterly struggle to stay engaged, entertained, and optimistic.

People going back to their hobbies like painting and dancing. In fact, some people are using this extra time giving themselves DIY haircuts.

Here is one such quarantine story

This is a story about Liz Koto’s family. They are from Michigan. They recently decided to amuse themselves along with their neighbors.

The family asked others to recreate an iconic sketch known as “The Ministry of Silly Walks”. This sketch is from a television show called the Monty Python comedy. The famous sketch revolves around a minister. The amusing this is, this minister has an extremely peculiar manner of walking.

The minister then meets a gentleman at his work, named Mr. Pudey. The man works at “The Ministry of Silly Walks”. Here the man asks the government to grant him permission to develop his very own silly walk. Liz works for the local jurisdiction and absolutely loves this hilarious sketch.


When Liz was asked about how she came up with this entertaining idea. She shared,  why she recreated the sketch.

“My husband and I were on a quarantine walk with my kids biking ahead of us and it just sort of came to me”. To make it come to life, the family put up a sign on the sidewalk right in front of their house, which reads as follows: “You have now entered the jurisdiction of silly walks. Commence silly walking immediately.”

Futhermore, the final print said: “Follow @Yorkshire_Silly_Walks for highlights. Your walk may be posted! We’re all in this together so let’s have some fun while we can! (Don’t know how to silly walk? Google Monty Python Ministry of Silly Walks for inspiration.)”


Soon she found out, her neighbors love the concept. In fact, they were pretty good at the so-called “silly walking”!

“My neighbors seem to love it. Some of them walk by more than once a day and make sure to silly walk,” she said.

Liz’s family loved the results of this little creative experiment. They wanted to share this happiness with the world. Hence, Liz made an Instagram page called the Yorkshire Silly Walks. This is the result of the fun quarantine activity. People absolutely love this concept and responded very well to it.