The secretary bird (Sagittarius Serpentarius) has a huge size. It is related to the eagle and falcon. They are named after the 18th-century secretaries with feathers and pencils attached to their wigs. Another distinct feature that would make most models jealous is the extremely long and thick eyelashes.

Brian Connolly is a photographer who has been capturing nature and animals for the past 10 years. He says that this bird manages to impress him even now. “From what I’ve seen, this bird is really unique. They hunt snakes on the ground by crushing them with their legs and heels, which look like dinosaurs.”

Secretaries are carnivorous and prey during the daytime. Unlike other carnivorous, they hunt their prey on foot.

They like to eat snakes, anacondas, reptiles, rodents, bird eggs and much more.

They are fast-moving birds and it is very difficult to get them in focus.

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