Fan of tech and craft-work? Well, here is a fusion for you, the fusion of craftsmanship with modern
technology. Swedish designer Love Hultén creates many retro creations and blurring the line between
gadgets and art piece. Here is his latest, The Pyua. According to Love Hultén, “Pyua is a Conceptual
tribute and a dedicate homage to Nintendo.”It is console compatible with classic NEC and femicom
Cartridges without any input lag and degradation to the original games. It can output up to 1080p via
HDMI cables. It has two custom wireless NES controllers which are built by the nostalgic folks at
8BitDo.The Pyua exterior is handcrafted from ash wood which makes it a real state of the art.

If you are a fan of Arcade and retro gaming then there are many other art pieces from Love Hultén,
which will definitely take your art or may be your money too.

One of my favorites is Cary 42 (carrier for two). Wooden handcrafted two-player arcade console allows
you to enjoy classic co-op games like Metal-Slug, Gauntlet and Contra in first class. This is a Briefcase
folding console which can store over 10.000 emulated games. You can add your own favorites through
USB. You can also make your own personal game library. A true gem because it’s each unit processed
with utmost care. But here is a sad part that it comes in limited edition of 50.

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Source- Cool Material

Not only for the gamer, Love Hultén has something for music lover too. Voxarray 61 is a modular music
environment and basically a tribute to synthesizers from the 70’s. Its main body crafted from ash. A ball
handle to open the lid doubles as pitch along with the modulation with detaching and inserting next
to the MIDI keyboard. Here is a top lid, which stores an array of digital and analog audio modules, and
like other modular synthesizers, connect using a variety of patch cords and hence creating a matrix
patching system. You can add some external devices like a custom-made dynamic microphone by just
patching them through the matrix.

If you are interested then you can find more of his work on either on his official website
[] or on his Instagram handle [@lovehulten].

Source- The Verge