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The Punisher Season 3 is a classic case of ‘what could have been’. Given that Marvel’s ultimate badass finally had his own show on Netflix, fans were excited about the long-term prospects of the show. However, Netflix confirmed in February 2019 that The Punisher has been canceled.

Not all hope is lost, though. There’s still a chance that The Punisher Season 3 actually happens! Even some cast members believe so. Here’s a closer look:
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The Punisher Season 3 Still Possible?

Jason R. Moore, who plays Curtis Hoyle in the series, commented in a TMZ interview that there’s a chance that another network can pick up the show. However, he pointed out that it is going to be quite a difficult situation. This is because if this happens, The Punisher Season 3 may not feature all the original cast members!

However, he also pointed out that there is also a clause which prevents the show from being remade for almost two years. Given that The Punisher Season 2 went off the air in February 2019 – we may not see any real updates about Punisher’s Season 3 before February 2021.

“Man, let me tell you something.” Moore, who plays Curtis Hoyle, explained. “It’s going to be very difficult for them to collect all of us, like the original cast. It’s probably going to be very difficult for them to collect all of us again. But I mean, we’re going to be moving on to other stuff, we’ll be busy. But they might bring it on with a different cast. People enjoy it, The Punisher has a serious following, so I mean, it might behoove them to create more Punisher episodes. But yeah, that’s what I think.”

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Will Another Network Pick up The Punisher Season 3?

There’s a buzz in the entertainment world that Hulu, as well as FX, are interested in picking up the Marvel shows dropped by Netflix. Another major possibility is the Disney+ platform, which has been started off by Disney.

Considering that Disney owns Marvel, The Punisher Season 3 may even end up on Disney’s platform in 2021! It will be interesting to see if these shows ever return.

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