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The Promised Neverland chapter 131 spoilers, release date and magic?

The Promised Neverland chapter 131 spoilers, release date

The Japanese manga series The Promised Neverland is possibly one of the most thrilling mangas in the market right now, and that is why we can barely keep calm waiting for the next chapter.


What’s happening

The Promised Neverland chapter 131 spoilers, release date

The series is full of rollercoaster moments, as it takes readers through twists and turns previously never seen in a manga series. However, the series may be going over the top now. Some spoilers have suggested that The Promised Neverland chapter 131 may contain magic, and fans do not seem to think that is a good idea.

The story is now focused on Emma and Ray, both on an extremely difficult path to The Seven Wells. Fans suspected that the duo will walk to the destination, facing hardships on the way. But some spoilers have suggested that the two will simply be transported in front of the gate, making the series enter the realm of magic. The readers will find Emma and Ray in front of the gate in The Promised Neverland chapter 131.

Why it may be a bad idea

the promised neverlandThe manga gave the vibe of being a science fiction survival tale till now, and the addition of magic may feel clumsy to the fans. The story seems a little out of character and alien to the fans, with the addition of supernatural elements.
But let’s not jump the gun. There is still hope that the event will have a logical explanation behind it. Fans can find out soon enough, with the next chapter of The Promised Neverland set to be released on April 19.

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