Reportedly Google is facing more challenges today than in any other time in its 2 decades of existence. Google’s employees are infuriated over sexual harassment and on the other hand the Executives are repeatedly scrutinized for making an effort to make a redacted version of its enigmatic product which is meant to be released in China.

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Google is going to shut down the social network which it create in 2019 as there are a recent discovery related to data breach. The social as well as the political debates which also includes the debate regarding the military grade artificial intelligence that is roiling the force of work. But the man who is responsible to lead Google via its minefield isn’t one of the co-founders of the company – Sergey Brin and Larry Page neither is it Eric Schmidt, the former chairman and chief executive of the company who was preceded last year.


The man who is currently in charge of the most influential company in the whole wide world is Sundar Pichai, an engineer who grew up in Chennai, India. As a little boy, Pichai was a voracious reader and also attended the most esteemed institute, Indian Institute of Technology and then he went to Stanford and Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania where he received advanced degrees. He joined Google in 2004 after spending some time in Materials and McKinsey.

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Sundar Pichai has helped in developing the browser of Google, called as Chrome and back in 2014 he took over the engineering, product and research efforts for the products of the company as well as the different platforms such as ads, search and Android. He also became chief executive of Google in 2015 and joined the board of members of alphabet, the Parent company of Google.

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He has remarked in a recent interview that the world has become quite different. With a realistic approach towards things with more failures.