No one knows what’s deep down the ocean. Not many people have seen the mystical creatures living at the bottom of the ocean. But The Ocean Photography Awards is giving a chance to people to witness the beauty of water. 

Photographers from all around the world have taken part in this year’s ocean photography challenge and we have compiled the top 30 finalists for you. 

Conservation Photographer, Nicholas Samaras

“A seahorse clings to a face mask (in Stratoni, Greece)”

Youth Photographer, Hannah Le Leu

“A green sea turtle hatchling cautiously surfaces for air, to a sky full of hungry birds in Heron Island, Australia.”

Exploration Photographer, Matty Smith

“A southern bobtail squid puts on a performance. Wollongong Harbour, Australia ”

Community Choice Award, Michael Haluwana

“A pod of dolphins catches a wave. Cape Naturaliste, Western Australia”

Stefan Christmann

Adventure Photographer, Sebastien Pontoizeau

“A freediver duck dives to capture a photograph of a humpback whale.”

Community Choice Award, Phil De Glanville

“Surfer Jack Robinson rides the famous break known as ‘The Right’, home to some of the heaviest waves in the world.”

Stefan Christmann

Adventure Photographer, Martin Broen

“A diver descends into a cenote. Quintana Roo, Mexico”

Matty Smith

Adventure Photographer, Daisuke Kurashima

“A humpback whale dives into the blue, emitting a trail of bubbles as it descends. Okinawa, Japan”

Adventure Photographer, Grant Thomas

“Playful grey seals – a species that has been protected in the UK for decades under the Conservation of Seals Act 1970. Farne Islands, United Kingdom”

Stefan Christmann

Adventure Photographer, Tanya Houppermans

“An American crocodile glides through the water at sunset at Gardens of the Queen, Cuba, a protected marine reserve since 1996.”

Stefan Christmann

Adventure Photographer, Steve Woods

“Sea lions swarm a diver. Vancouver Island, Canada”

 Alex Kydd

Matty Smith

Collective Portfolio Award, Stefan Christmann

“Male emperor penguins huddling during polar night, to stay warm as a group.”

Adventure Photographer, Ben Thouard

“A wave known as Teahupo’o, as seen from below. Tahiti, French Polynesia”

Matty Smith

Adventure Photographer, Rodrigo Thome

“A shiver of hammerhead sharks.”

Adventure Photographer, James Ferrara

“A sperm whale and sargassum seaweed. Roseau, Dominica”

Exploration Photographer, Steve Woods

“Coastal wolves play on a remote beach. British Columbia, Canada”

Exploration Photographer, Steven Kovacs

“A rare deep water cusk eel larva. Florida, USA”

Community Choice Award, Fabrice Guerin

“A sea lion hunts mackerel off the coast of Baja (California Sur, Mexico).”

Young Ocean Photographer, Jack Mckee

“A juvenile flying fish, photographed from below. Lady Elliot Island, Australia”

Galice Hoarau

Ocean Conservation Photographer, Henley Spiers

“An olive ridley turtle ensnared by fishing gear, far offshore in the Pacific Ocean. Baja California Sur, Mexico.”

Adventure Photographer, Scott Portelli

“A humpback whale calf crashes back into the ocean after a breach. Neiafu, Tonga “