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The New Weapons Systems of the US Are a Boon for the Hackers

Source: nytimes

The US government has released a new and crucial review which states that the Authorized hackers had quickly seized the control of the weapons system which is getting acquired by the military personnel of America based on a test of the digital vulnerabilities of Pentagon.

Source: timesnownews

The Government Accountability Office has come up with a report which states that most of the weapons as well as the guiding system of the weapons which control them, can be neutralised in a matter of hours. In most cases, the military teams are allegedly developing and also testing the weapon systems which are headless to the hacking.

A public version of the same study that published on Tuesday has allegedly deleted all the names and the descriptions of the system which were attacked so that the published report won’t tip off the adversaries of America about the susceptibleness of the weapons. The Congress of America will receive the classified category of the report that furthermore specifies the weapon systems that the Pentagon is getting their hands on that worths $1.6 trillion is getting affected. More or less, the defence contractors are going to be significantly affected by this.

Source: nytimes

The declassified review of the vulnerability of the weapons system has portrayed a terrifying image of weakness in the next-gen missiles, weapons as well as aircraft and prototypes of the new delivery system for the nuclear weapons system.

The “red team hackers” were pockmarked to be against the cyber defenders at the Pentagon. The weapons which have been tested were amid a total number of 86 weapons systems which are currently getting developed, most of them were penetrated either via the passwords that were very easy to crack and some could be accessed as they have had a small proportion of protection against the “insiders” who were working on those elements.

Source: wired

The team in charge of testing the weapons system often toys with the Pentagon targets.

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