You say hilarious, we hear cats. 

Cats are almost everywhere. You are on Instagram, your feed is flooded with cat pictures. You are on Snapchat, there are adorable cat snaps. You are on Twitter, boom, there are hilarious cat tweets everywhere. 

But if you haven’t seen funny cat tweets in a while, just scroll down and catch up on the trending memes. 

1. Cat owning you>>>>>>>>You owning a cat!

Damn! That is one big cat!

2. How to know that your cat likes you…

Give it a try!

3. Can’t get enough of the adorableness…

4. Want to be as happy as this cat is! Someday…

Our hearts…

5. Priorities set straight!

Sorry Mr Boyfriend, we are gonna have to excuse you now.

6. If the chameleon effect was a picture…

Such camouflage, much wow!

7. This lady is living the best life!

8. Cat or flowers? A beautiful dilemma!

We need such aesthetic pictures too!

9. The ultimate sport that no one supports….

10. Seeing this picture makes me comfy…

11. I can feel you, Bujibu!

12. Isn’t this the most adorable bubba you’ve ever seen???

OMG!!!! This is so cute, I can’t even!!

13. Well, this is brand new information!

It looks really scary thou….

14. Would 100% do it! Without being apologetic!

15. Thinking about my life decisions like….

16. “Momma don’t leave me behind!”

17. Because the aftermath is really ugly….

18. Hey hooman, pls make these lil birdies get off of me…

19. Being stuck in weird things=Cat level!

20. 1,2,3… I’m coming for youuu!!!

Jumping into wrong decisions like….

21. Stretching like a pro! Runs in the family 😉

22. Nothing can be spared when you have a cat in your house.