The Matrix 4 will start filming soon and with the casting calls new information about the movie is released. While it has been confirmed that Justin Lambert’s ‘The Mervoginian’ character will be back in Matrix 4, the next news means a lot for the movie. It has been reported that Hugo Weaving won’t be returning as Agent Smith in the fourth Matrix movie and the repercussions reveal a huge plot twist for the story.

It means there will be a new villain for the next installment on Matrix and it could be someone from the actors confirmed till now. Neil Patrick Harris could be one of the next rumored Agent villains in ‘The Matrix 4’ who will give a tough time to Keanu Reeves’s Neo in the movie.

Hugo Weaving’s Agent Smith won’t be there in ‘The Matrix 4’

Hugo Weaving's Agent Smith won't be there in 'The Matrix 4'

Hugo Weaving was under talks with ‘The Matrix 4’ director Lana Wachowski but the actor was busy in several other projects and it created scheduling conflicts. While the discussion was still underway and in the end, Weaving was able to take out time, but Lana told him that it won’t work.

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For the time it took Agent Smith aka Hugo Weaving to arrange his dates, the makers of Matrix 4 changed their minds. Weaving told that they are moving on ahead without me for ‘The Matrix 4’ but he tried his part for the role. It simply means that Agent Smith was never crucial to Matrix 4 plot in the first place and they are moving on ahead with a new villain.

The Matrix 4 will have a New Villain

The Matrix 4 will have a New Villain

Neil Patrick Harris and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II are the two names who could be the new bad guys for ‘The Matrix 4’ but some rumors are claiming that Yahya plays either young Morpheus or his son so that possibility is ruled out. It leaves us with NPH as the main villain which kind of makes sense. The actor is famous for playing Barney Stinson in ‘How I met your Mother’ has proved that he could play a menacing character in Netflix’s ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ show.

Further, Agent Smith or other agents in Matrix are known to dress well in a suit and Neil Patrick Harris made the suits famous in his show. While it is a stretch to say NPH will be the next Agent Smith, he could surely be playing the main villain in ‘The Matrix 4’ which will release on May 21, 2020.

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