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The Massive Cow in the World is Almost as tall as Michael Jordan

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The Holstein Friesian, 7 years old has caused quite a sensation in the state of Western Australia, where he lived. According to the BBC, at 78 inches, the cow weighs significantly higher than the 58-inch average of the breed. The shocking revelation is that the cow is two inches shorter than the basketball legend Michael Jordan. It weighs more than a ton and a half, or about twice its average. The owner of the cow, Geoff Pearson, has announced that he is the biggest Australian steer, and this isn’t debatable.

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Because of its size, Knickers’ life is very different from the life of the same species. One of them, because it is so big, Pearson will not let him go to the slaughterhouse to wait with the rest of the herd of the same age and see if the massive cow will stop growing.


In a recent interview with BBC, Pearson said: “It is always better than the others and bigger than others”. “He’s still very good, so we think leaving them there, he did not hurt anyone.” However, Knickers never stopped growing, and now he can not sell.

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When it was auctioned last month, the meat processor said that because of its size, they would not be able to handle it, so now it seems that it will naturally live the rest of the years. He is also a popular figure in the current herd. According to Pearson, the remaining cows (about 20,000) follows the celebrity of the herd wherever he goes.


It is not clear if it will continue to grow, but if it does, it needs to reach about 80 inches if it wants to make a record. However, it is possible because Pearson thinks it may still have a few years.

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So if visiting Australia is quite essential now in the near future, to take a look at the great white and black beast that roams on the grass.

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