Apple products have always impressed its users and the iPad Pro 2018 is no exception. Apple has bragged about considering it as an alternative to the traditional notebooks. The performance and interface is quite impressive. But it lacks some elements which cannot be ignored by laptop users.

The iPad Pro 2018 comes with a keyboard. However, the first time users may not find it so easy to use. They may require some time to adjust and make good use of it. Creating spreadsheets and documents may have become easier for the normal office goers, but for people who are more into video editing and graphics may not feel the same.

The iPad Pro 2018 features

The users who have tons of files to save may face the issue of storage. The device doesn’t have much internal memory. So the users will need an external hard drive and make additional investment on it. Only this will ensure that the files can be accessed and transferred when required.

However, this may have an issue. The tablet can detect videos and photos only, which means that help from other apps and the need to synchronize with iCloud is also required. Apple Pencil is one of the key features of the iPad Pro 2018. The input device is handy for the creative users. However, the standard users can’t use it instead of a mouse.

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The battery life holds good for ten hours. But improvements can be made using the right power optimization. Other key iterations involve removal of the headphone jacks. The need for an adapter or resort to wireless headsets is required. The owners will have to adjust with this as well.

Still, the iPad Pro 2018 is a classy alternative for the people to choose.