Have you ever used an old and discarded product and transformed it into something new and beautiful. If you haven’t heard the word upcycle, then you are probably far away from what’s going on in the world. Lately, people have realised that the best way to utilize any old and wasted product is to look at the bright side of it. Some people have creative minds that can transform the dullest item in the room into something magical.

Scroll down to check out how people remade things from trash.

#1 This Kind Man Is Recycling Old Camp Coolers To Make Warm Kitty Shelters For Winter! How Cool Is This?!

#2 I Take Plastic Shipping /Bale Straps From Hardware Store Waste, And Make Sturdy, Functional & Fashionable Baskets! (My Cats Also Love Them At Every Stage)

#3 The School Security Guard Decided To Save The Discarded Benches And Gave Them A Second Life

#4 Pulled Out Of A Trash Heap. It Was One Part Of A Military File Cabinet. Thorough Cleaning, Paint And A Little Shining Up Followed By Wrapping It In Wood From My Scrap Pile. Added Some Legs And Bingo Bango!

#5 This Rug Used To Be A Bunch Of Ugly T-Shirts

#6 I Convinced My Friend To Not Throw Away His Old Fencing And Let Me Build Him Garden Boxes. How Do You Think They Came Out?

#7 Earrings Who Lost Their Mates Turned Into A Charm Bracelet

#8 I Turned An Old Microwave Cart Into A Rolling LEGO Stand For My Daughters For Christmas

#9 Upcycled 3 Old T-Shirts Into 1 New One

#10 Turned An Old Fan With A Bad Motor Into A Lamp

#11 Made Some Shorts, A Bucket Hat And A Bag All From One Old Jacket

#12 A Rose For My Partner On Our Anniversary, Made From Recycled Cutlery

#13 My Vintage TV Barn Find Turned Into My New Bar Cart

#14 Turned An Old Office Credenza Into A New TV Stand

#15 The Drink Tray I Got From A Cafe Is A Reused Milk Carton

#16 Made A Fairy Succulent Garden Patio Area With A Broken Pot

#17 I Repurpoused My Old Grill Into A Small Herb Garden! I Hope All The Seeds Grow Soon

#18 Handpainted Them. Love How These Turned Out!

#19 Picked Up A Used Cardigan That Turned Out To Look Much Better In The Picture Than In Person, So I Turned It Back To Yarn And Crocheted The Yarn Into A Cat Bed (I Didn’t Use A Pattern)

#20 A Neighbor Was Giving Away This Kid Size Chest Of Drawers For Free, So I Snagged It And Made It Into A Quarantine Bar

#21 IKEA Backpack

#22 Swater Not Won Since 1996 And A Zipper From An Old Bag = Wool Overall For My Kid

#23 Turned A Thrifted Blanket Into These Ridiculous Sweats

#24 Unused Bags, It’s Time To Do Some Handicraft

#25 I Read That A Lot Of Donated Clothes End Up In Landfills Anyway, So Started Saving Our Old Fabrics/Textiles That Didn’t Seem Nice Enough For Resale. Finally Used Them To Make This Pet Bed!

#26 A Raincoat For My Dog Made Out Of A Broken Promotional Umbrella (She’s Not Impress)

#27 Teacup Birdfeeders Made By Me

#28 Made A Bag For My Mom’s Yarn From Old Window Screen

#29 Repurposed An Old Cable Spool Into A Table For My Zero Waste Store

#30 My Old Favourite Jeans Turned Into A Pen Roll

#31 Denim Friends From Old Jeans

#32 Got This Pillowcase At A Local Thrift Store For 50 Cents! Flipped It Into A Cute Purse!

#33 A Knit A Sweater Made Entirely Of Old /Scrap Yarns I Had Lying Around

#34 My Mom Made This Pig Planter

#35 Repurposed A Diaper Box + Some Contact Paper Into A Little Bookcase For My Son