A distant fantasy is meeting your favorite celebs. Purchasing tickets to your favorite singer’s concert can be expensive. Going to the movies can be within your budget, but the joy of actually seeing your favorite performer won’t be there. For this ideal vacation, you must therefore put a lot of money aside.

Rob has been living our fantasies in the meantime! You can see him goofing about and having fun with famous individuals in the video down below. What was his secret? That, my dear reader, is the power of Photoshop. To view his hilarious edits of himself interacting with 20 celebrities, click down below!

#1 Selena Gomez And Marshmello

#2 Britney Spears

#3 Donald And Melania Trump

#4 Will Smith

#5 Barrack Obama And Joe Biden

#6 Hailey And Justin Bieber

#7 Cristiano Ronaldo

#8 Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, And Quentin Tarantino

#9 Jay-Z And Beyonce

#10 Billie Eilish

#11 Eminem

#12 Ye (Formerly Kanye West) And Kim Kardashian

#13 Chadwick Boseman And Michael B. Jordan

#14 Ryan Gosling

#15 Barrack Obama

#16 LeBron James

#17 Leonardo DiCaprio

#18 Travis Scott And Kylie Jenner

#19 Jonas Brothers

#20 Kim Kardashian

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