In order to be healthy, in his middle age Jim McCants has opted for green tea capsules intake. Now, his doctors’ state that his intake of the capsules has led him to a critical liver transplant, Tristan Quinn of BBC’s writes.

When asked about the reason for his intake of the capsules Jim responded that, he was working on improving his health and lifestyle. He said he was focusing on having a healthier diet and was doing regular exercise in order to lose weight. Adding to the emotion part, he mentioned that at the age of 59 his dad died of heart attack. Therefore, he was on a desperate mission in doing what he could to take care of himself, so that he will not miss out things with his family.

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In the university auditorium, few miles away from Dallas, Texas Jim McCants should have enjoyed one of the best days of being a father, at his youngest son’s high school graduation. But unfortunately, a shocking event awaited Jim; he was taken to the hospital soon after his son’s graduation.

There the doctors initially suspected a liver injury and the same, was conformed after few tests. Furthermore, shock waited when they tried to sort out the reason for his liver injury. First they ruled out the possibility of alcohol being the reason for the damage.

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Later on commenting about it, Jim said, May be I would have drunk 6 packs of beer per year for the past 30 years. So alcohol had never been an element in my life.

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Since he was not taking any prescribed drugs at that time, the possibility of prescribed drugs being the reason for the damage was also ruled out. Smoking can never be a cause because it’s something that he had never done.

Jim then said that his hematologist asked him about whether he takes in any counter supplements?

Since he had come across somewhere that green tea supplements could help eliminate cardiac troubles he had started taking it in. In recent times with persistent online advertisements, these types of supplements have gained popularity. They are mainly endorsed for its antioxidant benefits. They are even said to have weight loss benefits.

People who consume a modest amount of green tea have nothing to fear about but it is the high dose of the supplement where the trouble lies, says Professor Herbert Bonkovsky, director of liver services at Wake Forest University School of Medicine in North Carolina

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According to Jim’s medical reports for 2 to 3 months, he has been consuming the supplement when he fell ill and this was the supposed reason behind the liver injury. When speaking of it Jim said that he was shocked because he had knowledge only of its benefits and nothing related to its side effects and this came as a surprising factor for him.

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Even scientists could not come up with a certain reason to why is it that at certain dosage the green tea supplements causes harm to some people?

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