Internet Service Providers uses DNS services to convert or to resolve a URL like or into an IP address so that the switches and routers can communicate.

Earlier this year, a new DNS service was launched by Cloudflare. The beta version of this sped up our internet and proved to be secure and reliable, as Cloudflare promised. And now, Cloudflare is launching it for iOS and Android.

Source- Crunchify

There will be a mobile app which will redirect the mobile traffic to the DNS and hence will improve the speed and reliability. This service will make your data secure as it will prevent the carrier to keep a track of your browsing history and cookies. The auditing of this service will be carried out by KPMG.

There is going to be some definite improvements in your browsing speeds, as is the fastest resolver to date. However, it doesn’t promise to be faster than every existing ISP DNS service. But the promises and the success of the beta version is enough for us to download and try the service for ourselves.

Source- The Verge