Have you ever heard someone saying “DNA runs strong?” Guess what? It’s true and we have found some strong evidence to prove this thing. We aren’t saying that only the people whose pictures we have listed here resemble one of their family members. Even you can dig a little deeper to find one of your resemblances.

By the time you start your search, you can see the pictures that we have listed below to understand the power of genetics.  

1. “Me and my dad: 1982 and 2021”

2. “My father and my son. Anyone see a close likeness?”

3. “Gee, do my sister and I look alike?”

4. “Family resemblance: My brother and I”

5. “Growing up, everyone told me I looked like my dad. I never really understood that until now.”

6. “My mom in 1990 and me in 2020!”

7. “Tried to do a ‘mom and me at the same age’ thing but turns out I look like my dad’s side.”

8. “Myself and my son 32 years later”

9. “Who wore it better?”

10. “My daughter and me with matching freckles!”

11. “The genes seem to run strong in my fiancé’s family.”

12. “Like mother, like daughter”

13. “30 years apart. My dad, age 21. Me, age 22. Same shirt. Same guitar.”

14. “Love you, Pops.”

15. “My high school picture freshman year in 2004 next to my dad’s senior picture in 1975”

16. “Me and my grandpa in medical school, 70 years apart (equally sleep-deprived).”

17. “Grandpa, father, and myself. 3 generations of aviators.”

18. “Mom and daughter, like they just don’t care”

19. “My mom holding me, 1979, and my mom holding my daughter in the same dress, 2019”

20. “Like father, like son. Left: 1975. Right: 2012.”

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