The Division 2 the online Action RPG of Ubisoft is finally getting the raid related content. The best thing about the Division 2 Raid content is that it is free unlike the paid DLC Incursion mission in the original game.

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Ubisoft announced Raids for The Division 2 in 2018 during the E3 press release. After the press release, Ubisoft has gone silent about the progress update.

It is clear from the video and a data leak on Reddit that the Raids are known as Operation Dark Hours.

Operation Dark Hours Gameplay

Even though details are still scarce the trailer release confirms that the Dark Hours is set in an airport in the outskirts of US Capital.

The trailer mention about an eight-player based gameplay. Thanks to the data leak on Reddit we get the possible look at the gameplay.

The leaks hint the location shown in the video is actually Ronal Regan Airport and the final location is Arlington Island.

The Division 2 Dark Hours

According to the leak, the gameplay will include the following task:

  • Survive the assault on the Arlington Memorial Bridge
  • Players have to find the GPS coordinates in a team of eight
  • Guard and protect the named agent on your team
  • Confirm the kill of 2nd hand Lieutenant
  • Regroup with the team
  • Players have to survive the blackout attack
  • The team have to look for the activation code
  • Extract all 8 players in your team to safety
  • Players have to split their team to flank a target
  • Stop the convoy from leaving the Airport’s runway
  • Kill the bombardiers from high ground
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Division 2 Dark Hours Release Date and Launch Troubles

The Division 2

The Operation Dark Hours was set to release on 25th April 2019 but the late launch date has been pushed back to May.

This time Ubisoft has not provided an exact launch date which could be worrisome for some fans. The game company has a history of cancelling some of the big projects. Follow Hiptoro for more updates from the gaming world.