Well-known comic book artists Yehuda and Maya Devir from Israel need no introduction: the couple team is the energy of nature in the craftsmanship world and their webcomic ‘One of Those Days’ is popular throughout social media, with 5.5 million followers on Instagram. Through vivid, expressive, and dynamic illustrations, the couple recounts their everyday life and joyful parenting adventures with their two children, daughter Ariel and newborn son Ethan.

Their style of working is instantly recognizable and it has the power to grab your attention and refuses to let go. But most of all,  their experiences hit you hard and fast because we can all identify with them.

Scroll down to have a look at some of the best new comics drawn by Yehuda and Maya. 

The Devir family welcomed newborn Ethan into their lives and many recent comics have been about him

Look at how happy they all are! Little sister Ariel looks particularly pleased to have a new playmate

Dan told:  “You need to give the other person your full trust and let them be responsible for taking care of it. It’s not something that you need to micromanage. It’s up to them to take care of the trust you have in them by being trustworthy, without feeling any pressure coming from you,”

The reality of parenting often isn’t pretty… but it sure is relatable

“Essentially, you give your full trust and then have faith that the other person will do the right thing. To rebuild trust, a couple can start from scratch by giving each other their full trust and then having faith that the other will take care of and respect that trust, without being pressured to do so,” the expert explained.

“If a person feels like they are being pressured into being trustworthy, or are being micromanaged to prevent breaches of trust (e.g. having to give the other person access to their phone, email, or messages), resentment will build. In some cases, it can then result in a person becoming disloyal to spite the other.”

Kids will be kids! Raising children is always a fun challenge when you’ve got the full support of your loving partner


Kids will be kids! Raising children is always a fun challenge when you’ve got the full support of your loving partner



Back in February, Yehuda and Maya told how the lockdowns in Israel affected their family. Their daughter Ariel’s daycare had to close as well, so they had to hire a babysitter to look after her while they worked.

“Like everyone else, we too have not been able to escape the limitations of the pandemic, and we need to be very creative in order to continue working in this situation. We have transformed our lectures and workshops, taking them online, and we make sure to appear in online events as much as possible,” Yehuda told in an interview.

Yehuda and Maya also drew a bunch of comics inspired by the recent Olympic Games


“Usually after something interesting … happens to us, we tighten the concept and do a few composition sketches. After that, I sit down and start working. When I finish, Maya adds her suggestions for improvement, suggesting color, typography, and so on. All of this process takes no more than a day,” Yehuda explained the process behind their illustrations.

The couple said earlier that once their firstborn, Ariel, was born, they had to change their priorities completely. “There is no more couple, no more team at work… only Ariel. It’s a new life and we’re getting used to it. But not in a bad way. This experience is going to create a new and better us,” they said earlier. And now their family has grown further, with the birth of their son, Ethan.

Here are a couple of photos showing the couple with their son, Ethan, after he was born