On Tuesday, anti-Trump activist and actor Alec Baldwin made smart attack on the president by proposing the president as “the national socialist riot in the body” of the United States and urged fans to “do it all” and get rid of President Trump.”

Baldwin’s message was sent from the verified account of his foundation: the account has a world wide fan base of 1.11 million.

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“There is a national socialist tumor in the United States, and it is growing,” wrote Baldwin. “Only this will force you to do everything possible to get rid of Trump.”

Baldwin won the carnival and was embarrassed because he played President Trump in NBC’s “Saturday Night Live”. He brutally criticized him for posing as “SNL” and recently said he wants to “overthrow” the Trump government to attend the New Hampshire Democratic Party’s fund-raising dinner.

“It is time to overthrow the administration of Donald Trump – not in a violent or illegal way – but it must be overthrown,” Baldwin said last month. “Let Donald Trump become a casino operator again and make the United States a great person again.”

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Last week, he also tweeted that the people who voted for Trump should “apologize to the people who didn’t”.

The hot-head actor recently downgraded his ABC talk show from a famous moment on Sunday night to a less desirable Saturday night, due to disappointing ratings and negative media attention to the recent arrest. “Alec Baldwin Show” is “one of the lowest ABC ratings”, said Variety earlier this month.

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Baldwin was allegedly charged with minor offenses and harassment after being arrested in early November, allegedly playing a man in a luxury neighborhood in the West Village, New York City. He will return to court on November 26 and be arrested after being arrested on Twitter.

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He wrote: “I was wrong to hit people in the parking lot, I want to keep recording”. I realized that the largest possible number of negative accusations and defamation charges became a campaign for entertainment purposes. ”

Baldwin has long been a supporter of the Democratic Party in his entire career. He said that if Texas Governor George Bush won the 2000 presidential election, he would have moved to Canada. Although Bush won, Baldwin did not move.

Recently, Baldwin campaigned for Democrat Ralph Northam last year in a presidential election in Virginia. In November of last year, it became the main news of the Iowa Democratic Party’s main fundraising party.