The most electrifying ninjas from the Naruto series are coming back to fight a new, sinister threat in the latest episode of the Boruto series.

“The Pursuers,” now streaming on Crunchyroll is a popular anime series. WARNING: The following content contains spoilers about Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 163.

The Boruto anime is back with fresh episodes and some similar faces from Naruto are returning to the fold. It falls, aligned to the Fourth Great Ninja War and does make complete sense. Omoi shows in the fresh episode why he was the most electrifying shinobi around and Darui, the bodyguard of the new Raikage is back with full of action and spark.

The Boruto’s Team 7 are in the forests of the Land of Silence as they track rogue ninjas who stole the Hashirama Cell in the last episode. This squad is of Omoi’s from the Hidden Cloud, and they are full of anger as they heard Boruto assassinated Queen Sakuya. What they aren’t aware of is that he’s been framed, but after patching things up, Omoi untypically begins to freak out when he realizes these thieves are from the Land of Haze.

Omoi freaks out as he realizes that they can spread the DNA and create zombie-like creatures in the entire land.  Kara’s version of Joker, Deepa soon confronts them in the series that even he wants the DNA. The team lead by Omoi continues their pursuit as they decide that they can handle Deepa’s demand. It brings the flashback from the days when he helped Naruto’s squad fight Pain and when the Thundercloud Unit had to take down Madara’s White Zetsu

Deepa isn’t as easy to defeat even when Omoi’s team uses lightning clones. In fact, he takes out Marui and Kakuihe and absorbs most of their electricity moves with his lightning-fast speed. In a one-on-one confrontation, Omoi is left alone where is showcases his speed. Both ninjas fight as if they’re teleporting, throwing blows in the blink of an eye.

This makes Omoi angry as Boruto’s carelessness could undo the alliance and make the Raikage and portray as he partnered with killers, but later in the episode, he understands that the threats Konoha were investigating on the outskirts and why it was necessary to go behind the enemy lines.

Omoi unleashes his “Cloud-Style Crescent Moon” signature blade swipe, and there is nothing at all according to the plan. He finds that Deepa’s skin can’t be penetrated. So if he can’t use his iconic sword or any lightning-release techniques, this move can cut through almost anything.

He is finally neutralized. Certainly, even after all this, he’s one of the most adaptable shinobi around. So much so even Naruto and Sasuke have said they don’t like facing him. He can definitely dig deep to take Kara’s madman out.