Following the exhilarating adventures of a member of the Van der Linde gang and an outlaw, Arthur Morgan in the critically acclaimed Red Dead Redemption 2 which was developed by Rockstar Studios. The western-theme game which comes with open world gameplay and is comprised of both multiplayer and single-player campaign experience. The PS4 gamers certainly get early access to a few online items.


To continue enjoying the world of video games, PlayStation has come up with a list of new games which will be out next week.


Bugs Box VR

Source: playstationblog

The Bugs will breach Honeyland. It is up to the player to keep the peace while moving the character and by pushing the blocks around for defeating the enemy bugs. Bugs Box VR is a casual VR game which comes with simple controls for the gamers.


Castlevania Requiem: Symphony of the Night & Rondo of Blood

Source: playstationblog

Get your hands on the two greatest games of the series of Castlevania. Explore the caste of Dracula as a famous descendant of the vampire hunters in Rondo of Blood, and you can also play as the son of Dracula in the Symphony of the Night.


Chicken Range

Source: playstationblog

This is a quirky and Fun shooting game. Shoot the chickens with various weapons.

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Gridd: Retroenhanced

Source: playstationblog

This game is a pretty insane cyberpunk arcade-style hacking and shooting game with great electric visuals and an incredible soundtrack.


Halloween Forever

Source: playstationblog

Something goofy is going on in this year’s Halloween. Players can control the Pumpkin Man, a humanoid pumpkin which was reanimated by an occult force.


Just Dance 2019

Source: playstationblog

The ultimate game of dance that comes with 40 greatest tracks from the chart-topping hit to the family favorites.


Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams

Source: playstationblog

With Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams you can explore numerous kinds of imaginary environments and discover great new emotions in the wonderful world of virtual dreams.


My Hero: One’s Justice

Source: playstationblog

Fight for the Justice in My Hero: One’s Justice! Based on a popular anime series and manga where you can clash quirk to quirk and head to head in the amazing 3D arena fighter.



Source: playstationblog

The mysterious puzzle game puts the gamer in a claustrophobic, small room that only has a single way out.