We have collected some of the Funniest Facepalms we found this week. So you can learn from them and not make a fool of yourself as these guys did.

Start your weekend off right and with these hilarious fails.

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1. Ask The Author If He Read His Book

2. Um, Who Wants To Tell Them?

3. That Got Awkward

4. Rediculous Questions

5. Big “Went Out For Cigarettes” Energy   

6. Not Really

7. Darwinism

8. No Ragrats

9. Nods Agreements In American 

10. Careful With That Phillips Round

11. Oof

12. Bird Leaf

13. Where To Even Begin

14. Better Than Yahoo

15. No Words

16. Not Understanding Sarcasm

17. Whoops

18.  She On Unemployment

19. How About Not

20. Leonardo da Vinci’s Best Work

21. A Metaphor For  The Hokey Pokey 

22. Forbidden Guacamole 

23. Thing That Shouldn’t To Be Said

24. It Was  A Template

25. The Dog Was Probably Happy About It  Honestly

26. Facepalm

27. 8 More Lives

28. Sad

29. And Then She Never Responded

30. ‘Murica

31. Trans Rights!