Over the years, we have found some seriously strange things lying underneath the construction site. These bizarre things included everything from tangible evidence of civilization to priceless treasures.

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A Mummified Toddler Was Found In A Parisian Apartment

A Child’s Letter To Santa Claus From 1943 Was Found In A Chimney

A 700-Year-Old Mummy Was Found Under A Chinese Road

An 1894 Time Capsule Was Discovered Under A Scottish Bridge

A 13th Century Mansion Was Found Under Somerset, England

A 17th Century African Burial Ground Was Found In Manhattan

A Medieval Hospital Was Found In Madrid, Underneath The Future Site Of An Apple Store

A 60,000-Year-Old Wooly Mammoth Tusk Was Found In Washington State

Around Two Dozen Coffins Were Found Under A Philadelphia Apartment Building

A 1,500-Year-Old Byzantine Church Beneath Was Found Beneath A Highway

An Ancient Mayan Ball Court Was Uncovered In Mexico

The 2,200-Year-Old, Long-Lost Temple Of Pharaoh Ptolemy IV Was Found In Egypt

An 18th Century Cemetery Was Found At A Site For A New Orleans Swimming Pool

More Than 40 Skeletons Possibly From The 11th Or 17th Century Were Found In England

Whale Bones Were Found Under A Light Rail Dig Site In Edinburgh

An Unexploded WW2 Era RAF Bomb Was Uncovered In Berlin