The 100 Season 6 Rumors: Timeskip and Future of the Show

The 100 Season 6 has been renewed by CW. The previous season of the show ended in August last year. The fans are totally eager to see what will happen this year.

Mark Pedowitz, The CW President, said that there is a possibility that The 100 Season 7  may be in work. He mentioned in an interview that executive producer Jason Rothenberg may have already planned it out for six or seven seasons. So the show will definitely stretch beyond five years.

“We’re pretty good at giving people enough time to wrap up their shows,” he assured. “Look at this year: iZombie, Crazy Ex-[Girlfriend] and Jane [the Virgin], we consciously worked with the executive producers so that they could tell the story in the right way they want to do it.”

The 100 Season 6 Rumors: Timeskip and Future of the Show

When will The 100 Season 6 release?

The 100 Season 6 is set to release on 30 April this year. The release date is not too far and the fans will soon get to see what turn the story takes. So save the date and don’t forget to watch it. The 100 Season 6 will consist of thirteen episodes in total.

What lies ahead in The 100 Season 6?

Like previous seasons, Season 6 will also be packed with ups and downs. There will be a lot of dramatic twists. Jason Rothenberg has already confirmed that several adventures are waiting for the viewers. Jason has already planned everything, even the ending. But the show is not at the required point yet.

The 100 Season 6 will come up with a brand new story this time. The show is reinvented each year. The fans find it really unpredictable and adventurous. We always have some or the other new bad guy on board each year. Our heroes never get tired of facing them. They always got their hands full.

The series is inspired by the YA novels by Kass Morgan. The novels are also titled The 100.

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