Near the island of Koh Adang, a boat was capsized and with 8-distressed crew members. The members were searching for help when the Royal Thai Navy quickly started the rescue mission. When the rescue team reached the boat, it was already in-depth.

When Navy Officers went back to check for an oil spill from a sinking boat, they spotted 4 cats huddled on a crane structure

Thatsaphon Saii, 23, immediately took his shirt off, put on a life vest, and swam 50 ft in an effort to save the cats

The First-Class Petty Officer Wichit Pukdeelon zoomed in to inspect the boat and saw four kittens were hanging on the boat and begging for their life. So, another rescue mission began and this time to save the kittnes.

Time was of the essence, as the boat sank rapidly, and fire started spreading throughout the boat

All of the four cats were successfully saved and secured on the navy boat

The rescued cats are now being cared for under the Royal Navy’s wing in a command post on the island of Koh Lipe

The cats are safe and sound and reside with the Royal Thai Navy on the island of Koh Lipe.

The rescuer and the rescued, sharing a moment

The story inspired many, and some even went so far as to illustrate the heroic effort and how the Navy adopted the fortunate cats

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