Texas to Hold the Key to America’s Future


    Being 30-years old and living on this God’s green earth, Beto has understood 3 things about Democrats which are as follows:

    The first and foremost is not to have belief on Kennedy, which is not a Chappaquiddick thing according to him.

    The second this is that whenever Bill Clinton gives a weird hand gesture, then there are high chances for Clinton to lie.

    The final and third is that whenever Democrats state that they need to have a national-level discussion on any topic, then the actual meaning is that they want the government to take control of the situation.

    Though the first 2 statements might seem to be insignificant, stated that Joe Kennedy III at present is in Congress and possesses a driver’s license.

    Beto’s idea of Texas taking the lead in the national-level discussion and on chopping away at the 2nd Amendment could seem absurd either to you or me. At times it may even seem absurd to most of the people in Texas.

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