A restaurant in Texas is getting popular because it has launched its new dress code policy, which has stirred quite heated opinions.

“Unfortunately, due to the attire of some guests, we were forced to put this new policy in place as we remain committed to ensuring all guests are comfortable while visiting us,” the restaurant stated and added that “We are not a club.”

While some people are criticizing, some people are supporting the new code. Scroll down and tell us what do you think about the dress code policy.

This restaurant has received national attention for launching a new dress code policy reminding customers that they “are not the club”

This is the new Turkey Leg Hut dress code that forbids wearing things like baggy clothing and mini shorts, to name a few

Many people were not buying into the new dress code and they shared their criticism in the comments

Others didn’t get the backlash for the dress code and felt like it’s a fair thing to ask from customers