Texas millennial dies after attending ‘COVID party’ thinking virus was a ‘hoax’

Recently, a Texas millennial died after attending a ‘COVID party’ as he contracted the illness after. In the moments before passing away, he told the nurse that he thought that the virus was a hoax. As it is a contagious disease, all of us really need to maintain social distancing in order to protect ourselves from acquiring the deadly virus.

Chief Medical Officer of Methodist Healthcare in San Antonio Dr. Jane Appleby told about the logic behind the COVID party. He stated that somebody diagnosed with the coronavirus organizes this party. The thought is to see if the virus is real and whether anyone gets infected or not.

30-year-old Texas man dies after attending a COVID party

0-year-old man dies after attending a COVID party

The young people intentionally hold a COVID party to get sick and produce antibodies. They believe that coronavirus can cause death only to older people or people who have underlying health issues. And young people can easily sustain the effect of the virus.

But, unfortunately, the 30-year-old patient who died, quoted to his nurse that he made a mistake. As he underestimated the effect of the virus. He thought it was a hoax. But, it’s not.

The number of COVID cases have spiked across Texas. San Antonio currently is overloaded with 18,000 cases, and more than 1,200 patients in the hospital. Dr. Appleby also said that he was not an alarmist. But, he was just trying to make people aware by quoting some real-life examples.

0-year-old man dies after attending a COVID party

It’s true that the coronavirus does not discriminate and none of us are invincible. Thus, the only way to keep ourselves safe is by making proper use of protective gear. And we should also maintain social distancing norms by all means.

Also, we should strongly oppose organizing such a COVID party. Stay home, stay safe! If you have any stories to share, do let us know in the comments section below.