Texas Dems under investigation after sending voting applications with citizenship box pre-checked to non-citizens


    Non citizens with already checked ‘Yes’ citizenship box with voter registration form are reported to be issued by the Texas Democratic Party. The state and federal authorities were notified about the possible violation.  After this incident came to light the Texas Democratic Party has gone under investigation for the act.

    On Thursday, a nonprofit organization that goes by the name PILF (Public Interest Legal Foundation), which takes special interest on the election integrity, brought forward what could be a possible violation to the attention of the state and federal authorities.

    Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, issued a statement over the alleged violation, in which he has stated that a proper investigation has been unleashed on the matter and if proved there will be serious consequences to the people involved.

    When tweeting about the issue, he wrote “A complaint was raised over the issue that noncitizens are being asked to register to vote by the Texas Democratic Party, by issuing forms with pre-checked citizenship box. An investigated is called for. Serious consequences will be inflicted if proved to be true.”

    In South Texas at the Rio Grande Valley region sometime between late September and early October the form distribution is said to have taken place. And according to the PILF, few non citizens who are legally present in the area have collected the forms.

    Pictures of the pre checked boxes of the form and all other documents regarding the election registration violation has been let out by the Public Interest Legal Foundation.

    Not restricting themselves with this the PILF has gone on to meet an individual named David C. Kifuri Jr, to get a signed affidavit from him. In it Kifuri Jr has gone on to state that his own relatives who are non citizens have received the form from the state Democratic Party. They have also let out this signed affidavit along with the other relating documents.

    “With my work experience I know that registering for vote in Texas being a non United States citizen is a crime. I also know that for misrepresenting citizenship status in order to register for vote a non citizen of U.S can face criminal and immigration jeopardy,” Kifuri stated.

    “Few non citizens of the States, in order to enquire about any law alterations that gave them the power to vote, rang up to my office,” Sam Taylor, the Texas’ Secretary of State told the Washington Times.

    Voter rolls are witnessing increased number of names of non US citizens

    In states such as Virginia, New Jersey and Pennsylvania the non citizen’s name has been considerably increased on voter polls, the PILF had warned about it earlier. Few non US citizens have managed to cast their votes in the elections, said the organization.

    Since a political party pushes for people to register in Texas the scenario is quite different from other states. Due to a political party involvement a lot of non citizens often get automatically registered in Texas.

    Logan Churchwell, a spokesman for the PILF, told the Times that this is how the Texas Democratic Party opens way for the overseas influence in an election through a federal election cycle.”

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