Since a powerful storm has brought everything to a standstill in Texas, all eyes are on this beautiful U.S. state. Because of this cold wave, the people of this place were facing so many issues. However, this doesn’t stoped them from caring about their farm animals. 

That’s why Texans brought farm animals inside their house to make them feel warm. We also reached out to Sea Turtle, Inc. to know more about the condition of sea turtles. Actually, the volunteers of this organization have been saving thousands of sea turtles. 

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You know it’s cold in Texas when these things let you pick them up.

A representative of ‘Sea Turtle, Inc.’ told us “efforts are still ongoing but rescue efforts have seen much fewer turtles stranded on Wednesday which is a good sign”.

“The center always needs donations, so having people tell me they’re donating is very heartwarming. It’s also a lot of fun to have thousands of people on Twitter telling you how awesome your mom is (even though I already knew that)!” Lara said.

“I am just the bystander who tweeted the picture; I don’t live in Texas myself. My mom is lucky to be far enough south to have relatively warmer temperatures compared to the rest of the state. So while it’s still very harmful to the turtles, she has personally been ok, and I’m very grateful for that. It’s devastating to see what so many Texas residents are experiencing right now, and I sincerely hope that the power can be restored as soon as possible for all of the people who are suffering around the state.”

“We want to gradually bring them back from the cold temperatures so people bringing them in cannot turn on car heaters. Gradually bringing up their body temperatures will do less long-term damage than trying to warm them up faster,” the representative explained the intricacies of transporting the sea turtles.

“Sea turtles are cold-blooded animals so they rely on the water temperature they are in to regulate their body temperature. Once they go into this hypothermic shock state we called cold-stunned they cannot move flippers or bring their head up to draw breath. They become paralyzed and very vulnerable out in the water. If not rescued they could drown to death. We continue to watch these cold temperatures, but Saturday is looking like a good day of water temperatures for some to be released back into the ocean. This day is not official yet.”

“We have been amazed at the outpouring of assistance we have received. We are in need of monetary funds to continue the care of these animals. Some will stay in our hospital due to injuries they can in with aside from the cold stun state. That will take weeks or even months of rehabilitation.”


Caught this little fighter just in time.

We are grateful for the support of the community (near and far), City of South Padre Island leadership, and City of South Padre Island Convention Center for responding to our emergent needs. Tonight’s count is over 1,700 cold-stunned sea turtles being housed at the facility and the City of South Padre Island Convention Center. We ask the public to shop our amazon wishlist and to donate to our cause. Three resident sea turtles have already been removed from the tanks tonight and are inside the education center. We will be needing to move the other two residents soon if the power is not restored. Staff, volunteers, and the community are working tirelessly to provide critical care for these magnificent creatures.

What they gathered today in South Padre.

Freezing to death. Some of us quite literally.

I converted my dining room into a spot for the animals for the ‘blizzard’ coming!

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