Tesla Inc., The American automotive reported a surprising profit for the quarter three of the current fiscal year which immediately resulted into a 12 percent increase in the shares of Tesla in pre market trading. The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk had made good of his promise of starting to turn the regular profits in the other half of the current year.

After the market closed on Wednesday, the company released its earnings report which also represented a healthy and growing condition of Tesla with the car sales more than expected and the production of Model 3 at a faster timeline. The company stated that the Model 3 of Tesla which the company is planning to produce on a mass scale in the fourth quarter was the best-selling car in the United States in terms of revenue and the fifth best when it comes to volume.

The CEO, Elon Musk shared with the analysts on a call that for the young car company it was an “incredibly historic quarter” with the shares of the company still being up by 6 percent in trading the next morning and was a welcome news for the investors.

The net income as posted by the company was $311.5 million which meant $1.75 per share when compared to a loss of $619.4 million meaning $3.70 per share just a year ago. The Revenue of the company, Tesla inc cascaded to 70.5 percent which was $4 billion in June, more than doubling than what it was just an year ago.

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The earnings of the company for the thirds quarter turned out to be $516 million after onetime adjustments, which accounted for the company’s third profitable quarter and settled with the adjusted loss of $520 million which had occurred in the third quarter of the last fiscal year.

Source: Cnbcnews, Unitedglobalasset