Three young people were harmed in the wake of driving a 2017 Tesla Model X off the street and into a tree in southern New Hampshire on Wednesday, as indicated by state police.

Speed was likely a factor, as indicated by the mishap report, and made the vehicle split in two and burst into flames after effect. The driver and one traveller were taken to a network healing centre with “genuine however non-hazardous wounds,” while the third traveller was taken to Mass Worcester Hospital with dangerous wounds.

Photographs from the rustic street demonstrate a gigantic fireball and in addition a piece of the vehicle that is about unidentifiable because of the harm. It’s not clear whether Autopilot was introduced on the vehicle or on the off chance that it was being used at the time.

Regardless of some feature making fires, Tesla’s Model X is one of the most secure vehicles out and about, as indicated by the US government and in addition outsider analysers.

Source: Business Insider and Danbury News Times

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