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Tesla Model S Update Fixes an Annoying Car Problem; Elon Musk Releases Update After Reading Tweet

A Tesla Model S owner tweeted to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, asking when the Sentry mode would be out for the cars. Elon Musk, ever as charismatic and charming, commented via Twitter that two new modes for the cars should be out next week! These two new modes for the Tesla Model S are Sentry Mode and Dog Mode.

Tesla Model S Update: What Is the Sentry Mode?

The Sentry mode update feature will ensure the users of Tesla Model S (and other models) that their cars remain safe from vandalism. A loud piece of classical music will begin to play if the car senses someone is trying to vandalize it or break his way in.

Tesla Model S Sentry MOde
Image: ElecTrek

This would discourage thieves or vandals from attacking Tesla Model S cars (and all the other cars that qualify for the update).  Moreover, Tesla is likely to utilize all the surrounding cameras of the Tesla Model S to ensure that the sentry mode offers the best protection against vandalism.

What is the Dog Mode Update on Tesla Model S?

Another feature coming to the Tesla Model S update and other Tesla cars is the Dog Mode. Interestingly, this mode came around as a suggestion on Twitter. A user Tweeted to Elon Musk about how pets inside the cars need a comfortable temperature to be maintained. Musk replied positively to it – and hence, the dog mode!

Tesla Model S Dog Mode
Image: Teslarati

Another feature of the dog mode update for Tesla Model S (and for other models) is that it would also let passers-by know that the pet is safe inside the car. This idea too, came from Twitter. More details about Tesla’s dog mode are expected soon.

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