Tesla is suing former employee Martin Tripp for more than $167 million


    The automobile company Tesla is suing its former employ Martin Tripp for an amount of 167 million dollars. Robert Mitchell, lawyer of Tiffany and Bosco representing Martin Tripp told that Tesla’s damage claims for 167 million dollars are ‘absurd’. Tripp told that Tesla has used batteries which had punctured holes in vehicles for consumers. Tripp said that Tesla also over reported the production of its car model 3 sedan.

    Tesla filed a law suit in June against their processing engineer Martin Tripp. The allegations were Tripp hacked the company’s confidential statements and leaked them out.

    Tripp had claimed many times in the past that company has a poor battery production in their large plant in Reno, outside Nevada. The company has used damaged batteries in the model 3 vehicles.

    Source: Vn media

    According to the report of November 27 the defense of Tripp have asked to depose musk and 10 other people. But the company has limited them and said that CEO Elon musk is unavailable

    Source : Business insider, CNBC

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