Terry Crews, better known as the Renaissance Man is a person of many talents. And this time, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star displayed his talent of illustration.

Terry painted a beautifully decked-out Christmas tree laying outside in a chilly winter season. He did the painting on a live stream accompanied by a festive smooth jazz soundtrack. He made sure to keep a vocal monologue, and hence paying a tribute to the late Bob Ross. The Yuletide painting was one of the specialties of Bob Ross and Terry made sure that he didn’t disappoint.

Source- Youtube

This will surely go down as a new festival tradition. He made the tribute even more mesmerizing when in the midway he said “Happy little trees.” He then smiled at this quote and told the audience how he always wanted to say this on camera.

It took roughly half an hour for Terry to finish his painting. NBC started his stream and this will be online for the next 24 hours. Happy holidays everyone.

Source- Esquire