Terminator 6 Dark Fate

Terminator 6 Dark Fate is the latest movie in the Terminator franchise! One of the most iconic series of movies ever created – Terminator brings in a whole new element in cinema. This is the sixth movie in the series which started off in 1984!

Let us take a closer look at Terminator 6 Dark Fate – release date, cast, and everything that makes the latest Terminator film so exciting!

Terminator 6 Dark Fate Movie
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What’s special about Terminator 6 Dark Fate?

Terminator 6 Dark Fate marks the return of James Cameron! The first Terminator movie that came out in 1984 was among the earliest hits for the man who was going to become a Hollywood legend. However, after Terminator 2, Cameron distanced himself from the franchise. Moreover, the movie is directed by Tim Miller (the director of the first Deadpool movie).

Interestingly, Terminator 6 has been written and produced by Cameron himself!  The past few Terminator movies were somewhat underwhelming. However, the return of James Cameron is bound to give it an extra rub.

Terminator 6 Dark Fate Release Date
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Terminator 6 Dark Fate Cast and Plot

The timeline of the movie is based right after the events of Terminator 2 Judgment Day. Given that Judgment Day was the most popular terminator film – this is indeed going to be interesting. Furthermore, the events of this movie will give rise to a new Terminator Trilogy!

Given that it follows up from Terminator 2 Judgment Day, Terminator 6 is going to feature Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton as the lead actors. Moreover, Brett Azer will play the body double for a younger T-800 (with Arnold’s facial likeness using CGI). Mackenzie Davis, Diego Boneta, Natalia Reyes, Gabriel Luna, and Jude Collie are also involved in the film.

Terminator 6 Dark Fate Arnold Schwarzeneggar
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Terminator 6 Dark Fate Release Date and Trailer

As of now, there’s no fixed release date for Terminator 6 Dark Fate. The film has been shot and is currently in the post-production stages. However, expectations are that the Terminator 6 movie will come out in November. Paramount is yet to make any official announcements regarding the movie’s release date.

Moreover, even a trailer hasn’t been released yet. It is widely expected that a Terminator 6 trailer would be dropped at the CinemaCon 2019 event. Stay tuned with us, we’ll find out soon!

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