We have all experienced people with a privilege complex sooner or later during our lives; individuals who accept they merit unique treatment, who don’t botch an opportunity to utilize the “do you have any idea about who I am?” card, and the individuals who feel that everyone on this planet is in the red to them.

People with a self-centered mentality have an altered understanding of deservingness and are confident that they will get what they want, regardless of whether they are better than everyone else or not.

Dealing with such individuals comes with a hefty side of distress, and the next thing you know, you are forced to endanger yourself just because they don’t want to deal with their child’s tantrums.


Being forced to deal with an entitled family is not something a passenger would want to do.

An online user took it to a popular subreddit to find out if they might have overreacted when a family insisted that they refrain from eating because of their child’s potential tantrum. The post received over 23K upvotes and 2.5k comments.


A traveler with diabetes told a family not to eat because of their son’s behavior.

The author began the post by revealing that they recently were on a flight for a work trip where they had the displeasure of sitting next to a very demanding family. They needed to eat within two hours because of their diabetes issues when they got on the plane.

They were already served some dirty looks after snacking. The woman asked if she could not do that. The author put their snacks away. They decided to wait for the flight attendant to purchase the food so they could show their respect for their fellow passengers.

After the flight attendant came around, the author asked for a drink and a snack box, but the father cut them off and sent the employee away. The man interfered again when the OP pressed the call button to get their food, as well as telling them that their 6-year-old has a condition and that they would prefer it if the OP didn’t eat.

The father was told to consider flying private if they wanted to control their surroundings after the OP was close to a temper. The author was finally fed after the flight attendant came back and the mother decided to contribute to the pointless conversation as soon as they were ready to return to work. She said that she felt called to educate the author about her son’s diagnosis.

The author told the mother that they would handle their type 1 diabetes the way they see fit and that they didn’t care about her son’s condition. The passenger said that they don’t risk their lives just because the parents don’t want to deal with their son’s behavior and that they should’ve booked a whole row if they didn’t want to deal with their son’s behavior.

The author told the story to a friend, who immediately told them that they were a huge jerk. The person said that even though they feel bad about calling the family out, it was important for the other person to eat.

What do you think about it? Would you handle it differently?


They shared their thoughts on the event.